Having had a self taught decorator and avid seamstress as a mother, Janet Gust can’t remember a time when design and fashion weren’t a part of her life. Designer Janet Gust, has 30 years of design under her belt and in 2017 she was tickled pink when Decor Magazine featured her in their national publication. Janet’s showstopping personal residence was the content of the modern MERGER article and Janet’s new line of custom furniture was on display throughout her home consisting of furniture animated with contemporary hand painted fabric. Janet is passionate about mixing old and new and she isn’t afraid to do it in a bold way that’s at once refined and edgy. Janet gravitates to large prints that make bold statements and knows what works together because she takes the time to study what she is buying and how each purchase will relate to the other items in the room. Janet believes a house should flow, she says, “As with a good book, each room is the next chapter”.

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